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Design Galerie Yves Gastou Saint-Germain des prés Paris


Yves Gastou is a specialist for furniture and sculpture of the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s. He hunts for, rediscovers all the forgotten designers of those years. He was the one who since 1985 has organized the first exhibitions in France of Ron Arad, Ettore Sottsass or Shiro Kuramata, that he then confronted with the works by older major designers of the 1940s and 1950s as André Arbus, Jacques Adnet, Paul Evans, Gabriella Crespi, Joe Colombo and many others. It is thanks to gallery owners like him that we now enjoy the return of Art Deco in the forefront.

GALERIE YVES GASTOU Saint-Germain des prés Paris


GALERIE YVES GASTOU Saint-Germain des prés Paris



12 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris




Since 1951, the eponymous brand has been the ultimate reference in silk for home furnishing. It offers fabrics designed, woven and dyed in the purest South-East Asian tradition as well as collaborations with the most notorious designers. This ancestral fabric seemingly never ages and always keeps up with design and trends.





2 bis Rue de Furstemberg   75006 Paris

01 43 26 82 61




Following the success of his restaurant Aux Prés, Cyril Lignac was bound to open an additional place to cater to the many unfortunate customers unable to book a table when Friday came. The wait is now over with Aux Prés’ annex, le Bar des Prés, also located on rue du Dragon. At the Bar des Prés, Cyril Lignac develops fusion food, blending his traditional French cuisine with Asian touches.


25 rue du Dragon 75006 Paris

01 43 25 87 67


This is a favourite of the art galleries in the vicinity and artists bring the fun to the place. You will also meet fashionistas and writers. In the spring and summer time, the terrasse is delightful for a drink and a Sunday brunch.



43 rue de Seine 75006 Paris

Every day  08 a.m- 02 a.m



A hundred and sixty years after opening their first shop in Paris, Cartier has become the most famous jeweler and watchmaker in the world. Their collections nevertheless kept their audacious family spirit of the early days when the three Cartier brothers Louis, Pierre and Jacques, the founder’s great grandsons, would scour the earth – from India to Russia and the Persian Gulf- for the most beautiful gemstones, which contributed to create a revolutionary style in jewelry and watchmaking, mixing classicism and avant-garde.








We love the deliciously subversive, chic and slightly snobbish spirit of Hotel Montana. The revamping is the work of two stars, architect Elisabeth Lemercier and decorator Vincent Darré.





It offers six suites -one per floor- six chic and extravagant bubbles which pay homage to surrealism with a color palette borrowed from Le Corbusier and a mix of contemporary and vintage furniture.





28, rue Saint-Benoît  75006 Paris

01 53 63 79 20


Esther de Beaucé presents exclusive jewel-sculptures by contemporary artists such as Frank Stella, Bernar Venet, François Morellet, Orlan, Jacques Villeglé, Miguel Chevalier, Barthélémy Toguo, Lee Ufan, Pierrette Bloch, Laurent Baud as well as by designers, architects and none other than the greatest modern artists like Picasso and Calder.



16 rue des Saints Pères   75007 Paris




In this shop, what we have is more gastronomic pastry than simple pastry. Pierre Hermé is an avant-garde pastry confectioner and a magician with flavors. He revolutionizes the most established traditions and eliminates the excessive or useless decors which clutter cake shops. He uses salt as sugar to bring out other shades of flavors and he constantly reassesses his own work by exploring new territories or by revisiting his own recipes.




72 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris

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Jean Royère’s works of art made Jacques Lacoste want to open a gallery specialized in design of the 1940s – 1950s and for ten years he has been the one that people consult for an advice or a valuation on the works of art of this great designer. He is also the one who shows this work whenever he gets the opportunity on the other side of the Atlantic. But is does not prevent him from showing the works of Serge Mouille, Alexandre Noll, Georges Jouve or Pierre Szekely.



12 rue de Seine 75006 Paris



There is a private club feel to the decoration by Christian Liaigre which is sober, elegant and as great as everything the designer creates. The menu, the numerous beautiful people and model-looking waiters all conspire to make this place ultrachic !


4 place Saint-Germain des prés

75006 Paris

Open every day

08.00 p.m thru 02.00 a.m



The most illustrious café in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It was the favourite spot of the intelligentsia of the 30’s, from Surrealists to editors, artists and filmmakers and it became the meeting point of post-war Existentialists. There gathered Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Boris Vian, writers and artists such as Ernest Hemingway, Juliette Gréco Brigitte Bardot, Roman Polanski, Françoise Sagan, Romain Gary as well as the world of fashion. Nowadays the Café de Flore still caters for a subtle blend or artists, writers, intellectuals, politics and anonymous people.





172 Boulevard Saint-Germain  75006 Paris

01 45 48 55 26




Since 1958, the gallery has offered a vast selection of graphic and photographic editions of the greatest figures of the Surrealist movement, namely Hans Bellmer, Giorgio De Chirico, Salvador Dali, Leonor Fini or Wassily Kandinsky. It also exhibits Pre-Columbian art focusing on the cultures from Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.





8 Rue Jacob, 75006 Paris

01 43 25 89 58