Hugues Pouget, former Chef pastry cook at Guy Savoy did not want to sell his cakes the same way as in a simple cake shop. His concept is that around three permanent flavors, chocolate, vanilla and caramel, he adds to his creations seasonal products as combawa, litchi, pineapple, followed in the summertime by strawberry, cherry, peach, apricot, cherry plum or fig from Solliès. So here one will find caramel or exotic fruits mille feuilles, and blood orange cream in his éclair. For each flavor, three specificities : an innovative creation called “Victor”, a more traditional pastry called “Hugo” and to finish a chocolate candy.


40 boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris 

01 44 39 97 73

7 rue Gomboust 75001 Paris 

01 42 96 10 20