The Japanese refinement, the relaxation methods of the country of the Rising Sun, we adore and we do not ask better to do good. The star here is of course Shiatsu, this massage that prevents and treats our little sores by rebalancing our energies.

The place is divinely serene, we almost want to whisper to not disturb the calm. To begin the ritual we release his feet in flip flops and we talk a little about us, our aches: aches, fatigue, stress … then we put on a Japanese cotton pajamas and go for an hour of pressure on the body, along the meridians connected to the organs, in which circulates all our vital energy.

The practitioner who treats us (yes, we can talk about care) then gives us her diagnosis: the areas she had to treat in depth, the more sensitive areas or those to be treated in the long term. Besides, no massage is like another, the gestures are adapted to each and his needs.

After a few delicious cups of tea to end the session gently, you feel really soothed, almost astonished sensations felt, with the impression of having gone to the basics and having not only treated his body, but rather indeed to have rebalanced the energies between the body and the spirit. And over the hours, days, the benefits continue to be felt: we let go and we feel a real physical and psychological well being.


8, rue Christine 75006 Paris
01 46 34 59 08

du mardi au samedi de 11h à 20h
le dimanche de 12h à 20h