Her green shops are recognizable at first glance, displaying her chocolate works on display. Patrick Roger is one of the best French chocolatiers but he is also an artist. He uses chocolate as raw material and, with knives and spatulas, he transforms it into giant format works. Some of his casts are even cast in bronze and sold while others are found in the window of his Parisian stores. For Easter or Christmas, his creations are at the same time the joy of chocolate lovers and aesthetes.

But the chocolate team also produces by hand, without the help of any mold, powerful and racy specialties with “best sellers” such as Instinct (rock praline roasted almonds), the Bee (ganache honey with a hint of pure honey) or the Amazon (lime caramel).


2 place Saint-Sulpice 75006 Paris

01 43 29 88 25

108 Boulevard Saint-Germain 75006 Paris

01 43 29 38 42