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Jaime Hayon

Atelier Wonderland

Jaime Hayon is a Spanish artist and designer whose protean work is expressed in the design of furniture and objects, interior designs, monumental urban installations, sculptures and paintings. His style is characterized by a resolutely optimistic aesthetic and a unique, bold and colorful visual language. His internationally recognized work has been presented in solo exhibitions in prestigious museums across Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia. His pieces belong to the collections of the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, the Design Museum in London, MUDAC in Lausanne, the Museo del Disseny in Barcelona and the MAD Museum in New York. This new exhibition by Jaime Hayon at Kreo vividly expresses the Spanish designer’s flamboyant visual language through various mediums, inviting visitors to explore his world rich in color and complexity.

“Atelier Wonderland” reflects the fluidity of Hayon’s artistic expression, brilliantly merging his passion for traditional crafts and his incessant exploration of new forms. In this exhibition, he presents a unique collection of 15 pieces combining meticulous craftsmanship and bold artistic expression. We thus discover a series of Mediterranean-inspired vases and chandeliers, adorned with expressive faces and oversized handles, alongside organic walnut tables that resonate with the characteristic curves of the artist’s work. Each ceramic, meticulously painted by Hayon, illustrates his multidisciplinary approach, transcending the conventional boundaries of art and design.

The exhibition also presents a series of Murano glass mirrors made entirely by hand, with complex shapes and enhanced with colorful ornamentation. Heavily involved in this complex production process, Hayon worked with Venetian master glassmakers to create mirrors that were both precious and playful. Celebrating this artisanal heritage, these mirrors bear witness to his fascination with historical techniques and his ambition to push these traditions towards new horizons.

His pronounced taste and commitment to the preservation of traditional artisanal talents, combined with his innate creativity, lead him to constantly push the limits of materials and manufacturing processes. He collaborates with a range of major international brands, breathing a breath of freshness and innovation into each project. This pioneering approach, at the forefront of a new wave of creators blurring the boundaries between art and design, contributes to the rebirth of finely crafted and complex objects within contemporary design culture.

April 26 – July 26 2024


31 rue Dauphine 75006 Paris