When she returned from a long stay in Japan in 2015, Mathilda Motte never stopped looking in Paris and elsewhere for the delicious mochis she tasted there. But not finding any anywhere and as she learned to make them herself in the land of the rising sun, she decided to create La Maison du Mochi in 2016, first with an online store, then with cooking workshops. , before one store after another popped up.

Success was immediate for this gluten-free, 100% vegetable and fat-free pastry and La Maison du Mochi became a reference. They are made here according to the rules of the art, with carefully chosen ingredients and various flavors: rose, pistachio, yuzu, lemon, almond, black sesame, anko, hazelnut or matcha. Mathilda Motte has also chosen to offer a very specialized selection of her favorite teas.

La Maison du Mochi

39 rue du Cherche-Midi 75006 Paris

02 47 43 05 59