Galerie MADE

Agent of photographers, Madé Taounza decided in 2001 to open her first photo gallery within her own agency. Highlighting photographic creation will therefore pass for him through his mission as a gallery owner, on the lookout for singular visions. Since 2013 and its installation in Saint-Germain-des-Près, showing contemporary photography in all its forms has been the credo of the Madé gallery.

Permanently presented artists : Michel Amet, Pascal Amoyel, Ella Bats, Marguerite Bornhauser, Bertrand Cavalier, Céline Clanet, Blanche Clément, Alain Duplantier, Alain Eglinton, Allyssa Heuze, Anne Immelé, Géraldine Lay, Jean-François Lepage, Andrea Modica, Hally Pancer, Marie Quéau, Lia Rochas-Paris, Anne-Sophie Soudoplastoff, Mark Steinmetz, Joséphine Vallé Franceschi

Galerie Madé

30 rue Mazarine 75006 Paris

01 53 10 14 34