Eric Mouchet is a recognized expert in the pictorial and graphic work of Le Corbusier, but a collector and gallery owner attentive to contemporary creation, he also works alongside the young curator Léo Marin to represent several generations of modern and especially international contemporary artists, whose work reflects the major political and gender issues of their time.

Extending the Modulor concept developed by Le Corbusier in 1945 to harmoniously create functional and pleasant spaces, the artists represented by the Gallery very often place their plastic and conceptual research in a relationship to the body and space through sculpture, the installation or the video.

Permanently presented artists : Christine Barbe, Christine Crozat, Pierre Gaignard, Matthieu Gafsou, Eikoh Hosoe, Hudinilson JR., Kubra Khademi, Bérénice Lefebvre, Robert Michel & Ella Bergmann-Michel, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ken Matsubara, Samir Mougas, Remi dal Negro, Gwendoline Perrigueux, Isabelle Plat, Tony Regazzoni, Louis-Cyprien Rials, Capucine Vever, Vincent Voillat, Cyril Zarcone

Galerie Eric Mouchet

45 rue Jacob 75006 Paris

01 42 96 26 11