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Created by David Lynch to pay homage to the cabaret on the famous Mullohand Drive, the Silencio are places apart, musical stages, places for dancing, parties, screenings, exhibitions or performances. None looks like the other since each has been designed and built by architects and designers to best fit into its environment.

Thus, the youngest but not the least, the Silencio des Prés, resides in the heart of Saint-Germain des Prés in a legendary cinema which was previously a famous cabaret. The place deliciously mixes bistronomy, private cinema and club. An intimate place, designed by Studio KO where you can meet day and night.

During the day we find ourselves in the brasserie around a menu signed by the Michelin-starred Chef Guillaume Sanchez. In the evening, it’s near the Bar and its collection of cocktails created by Rémy Savage that we meet in a cozy atmosphere, to the rhythm of carefully chosen music. A hybrid place, apart, which brings together everything we love.

Le Silencio des prés

22 rue Guillaume Apollinaire 75006 Paris