Gaël Orieux chose to call his restaurant “Auguste” thinking of his first cooking manual, the famous Guide Culinaire by Auguste Escoffier, the bible of great French cuisine. Previously he officiated alongside Alain Senderens, Philippe Legendre, Olivier Rœllinger and especially Yannick Alléno who remains a model for him.

Closely linked to the cause of protecting the oceans, the Chef campaigns in favor of sustainable and responsible fishing, but Auguste is not a fish restaurant, even if the chef likes to create land – sea associations, in an “iodized” spirit: for example, he seasons rack of lamb with samphire pistou, accompanies oysters with pears and horseradish, pork belly with cockles and truffles, or poaches foie gras in a pâté of shrimp flavored with lemongrass and galangal.

Lunch menu, Discovery menu or Signature menu, each reveals the unique spirit of this cuisine that is both innovative and very anchored in tradition: truffled frogs or snails and purple oxalis, chestnut broth and Pine Morels, turbot and smoked Arënkha, roots and herbaceous whipped cream…


54 rue de Bourgogne 75007 Paris

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