Contemporary or vintage jewelery, artist jewelery, Karry Berreby likes all genres, she even likes to confuse them, as long as they correspond to the same vision of refinement and elegance.

She appreciates the powerful shapes, the volume rings, the ornaments, the jewelry watches but also the hard stones, the original materials, with the antique or ethnic finishings that she confronts, strikes or reveals. Above all, she reconnects with the big names in jewelery through the discovery of unique works by Van Cleef, Andrew Grima, Cartier, David Webb, Boivin … between Paris, London and New York.

Because the jewel must have fun, bring its charming and sculptural touch, go out, scratching a pace of day and night, casually and passionately, the codes of seduction made in Paris, according to Karry Berreby.


18, Rue de Lille 75007 Paris

01 40 15 63 72