A recurring project proposed by The Drawer, «The Window» envisions the gallery windows of the 33 rue de Seine gallery space as a creative medium in its own right. With each new exhibition, an artist is invited to take control of the window, covering it partially or totally and in the manner which he or she so wishes.
Their intervention functions as an invitation to discover what lies behind: a solo exhibition or a group show designed to echo the exhibition at 36 rue de Seine space, bringing together artists from the gallery and elsewhere, emerging or unpublished in France.
Playing on surprise and revelation, « The Window » is an opportunity for discoveries and rediscoveries of works and artists, a showcase of the gallery in the true sense of the word.
« The Window » will be inaugurated on February 21 with a work by Lauren Coullard specially created for the occasion. Candid, a large curtain of neon, will frame the window and reveal « Ladies Only », an exhibition curated by Sophie Toulouse and Barbara Soyer.



Lauren Coullard practices a painting where the movement dominates. Whether it is expressed directly on the canvas, by an energetic and precise gesture, or indirectly, by the content of the scenes and figures reproduced. From her small figurative series to her larger, more abstract formats, she always uses the same process: the artist is inspired by fragments of images and existing texts that she re-appropriates in order to give life to a new work. From courtly love to the cyborg aesthetic, the references mingle happily in a contrasting palette of colors typical of the artist — such as the curvaceous yellow-green of a curtain, the origin of her intervention on the window of the gallery. Candid or neon led as a paint stroke.
Born in 1981, Lauren Coullard lives and works in Paris. She graduated from the Chelsea College of Art and Design London in 2010. Co-founder of Le Doc, an art space for Residencies and Exhibitions in Paris, she participated in several group shows and at the last Salon de Montrouge.



February 22 – April 12, 2019


33/36, rue de Seine 75006 Paris