GRAF Paris

It was because he was looking for fantasy and quality that he couldn’t find on the luxury leather goods market that the architect-decorator François-Joseph Graf created his own collection. He also wanted to create a brand whose know-how and manufacturing would be 100% French. To carry out this project, he took over Mr. Pellegrino’s workshop, made up of excellent, precise and passionate workers.

When for a decor, the perfect piece of furniture does not exist, François-Joseph Graf creates it then realizes it. It’s the same approach for its collection of leather goods, which includes day bags, clutches and minaudières. For the creator, the creative process proceeds from the same artistic approach for a decor or for a bag. It is a design, a proportion, volumes. Designing a facade, a door, a fabric or a bag remains architecture.

So he designs each bag, imagines each pattern, selects each leather, each color and has each embroidery made. Here, artistic craftsmanship is rehabilitated at the heart of its creative process with unique pieces made in a Parisian workshop. For some models he creates patterns in resin, hot printed in three dimensions, or uses forgotten materials such as eggshell, rare or refined materials such as ivory and ebony plates, shagreen, rhinestones and crystal beads.

GRAF Paris

241 rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris